The Pongcast initially started out as an audio podcast, talking about table tennis topics and interviewing the wide range of people who are involved in the sport.  As a fan of podcasts and table tennis, it seemed like a great niche to fill.  You can see my original 'About' description below when this was the initial goal.

Later I decided to venture into video, creating a table tennis news/highlight show similar to those found for many other major sports like soccer, basketball, etc.  Table tennis was certainly deserving of it, and I firmly believe if more people saw the sport at a high level with entertaining rallies I'm sure table tennis would gain more fans and players. Pongcast TV has been my attempt at filling that void.

After gaining a following on YouTube, I have partnered with ITTF to produce these videos for them.  With the international broadcasts of ITTF events on sports networks, you may even see segments of Pongcast TV aired during the events.  Pongcast TV is one step closer to making a table tennis show a reality!

The initial concept of The Pongcast:

What is a podcast?
There is a good definition found here.

A podcast is an audio or video program formatted to be played on the iPod and made available for free or for purchase over the Internet. 
Podcasts are shows, similar to radio or TV shows, that are produced by professionals or amateurs and posted to the Internet for download and listening or viewing. Many podcasts are made available for free, though some must be purchased. 
The name derives from the combination of broadcast and iPod. 
Podcasts can be downloaded individually or subscribed to so that each new episode of the podcast is automatically downloaded to the subscriber's computer. You can subscribe to a podcast at the iTunes Store or websites for the podcasts. Podcast subscriptions are usually facilitated using RSS 
Podcasts can be browsed, previewed, and downloaded at the iTunes Store Podcast Directory.
I'll add to that definition and say that podcasts are now played on a multitude of devices, from your computer, to many portable multimedia devices, and even to your smart phone. There are also many podcast directories and applications besides iTunes where you can find more podcasts and subscribe to them.  

The great thing about podcasts is you can listen to them whenever and wherever you are, and you can choose what you want to listen to instead of being stuck listening to whatever your local radio station is playing right now.

What is the goal of The Pongcast?
I listen to many podcasts over the course of a week: while I'm driving, sitting at my computer when I'm working, or even walking the dog.  They cover a wide variety of topics, from technology shows, to comedy, to sports talk.  One night it occurred to me there weren't any table tennis podcasts, and so I decided to give it a try myself.

I hope to cover all facets of table tennis.  This may include talking to top players, coaches, tournament directors, discussing equipment, table tennis news, upcoming events, and much more.  Through these shows I hope people are entertained, find something of interest, and maybe even learn a little more about the sport.  I also look at this as my small way of contributing to table tennis in making it more popular and bringing the table tennis community closer.