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Monday, November 21, 2011

Pongcast TV Episode 04 - 2011 World Cup

Sorry for the late release!  I actually finished most of this ahead of time, expecting it to be my earliest release, but I suddenly became incredibly busy and couldn't finish it until now.  It's the 2011 World Cup singles, loaded with some of the best matches of the entire year!  Check out the highlights, and try to watch the full matches if you have the time, you won't regret it!

Show notes:

The music in the episode references France or are from French artists due to the event taking place in Paris, France:

Sash - Encore une Fois
Stereolab - Ping-Pong
Kraftwerk - Tour de France
Daft Punk - Derezzed
St. Germain - Rose Rouge
Etienne de Crecy - Welcome
St. Germain - So Flute

The original source video clips:

Paris in France - Amazing City - Exclusive video - part 2

World Cup Special - 2012 Olympics William Henzells Journey 7

The Power of Service(NEW)

What type of serve is Par Gerell doing

European Championships Par Gerell-Werner Schlager
Wang Hao-Joo Se Hyuk [World Cup]

2011 Mens World Cup ZHANG Jike - OVTCHAROV Dimitrij [Full Match|Short Form]

Timo Boll vs Seiya Kishikawa[Mens World Cup 2011]

Timo Boll-Oh Sang Eun [World Cup]
Ko Lai Chak-Timo Boll [World Cup]
Jun Mizutani vs Chuang Chih-Yuan[Mens World Cup 2011]

Adrien Mattenet vs Vladimir Samsonov[Mens World Cup 2011]

Adrien Mattenet-Chuan Chih-Yuan [World Cup]

2011 Mens World Cup MIZUTANI Jun - MATTENET Andrien [Full Match|Short Form]

World Cup Wang Hao-Dimitrij Ovtcharov

2011 Men's World Cup (ms-qf) OH Sang Eun - MIZUTANI Jun [Full Match|Short Form]

World Cup Joo Se Hyuk-Timo Boll

World Cup Zhang Jike-Adrien Mattenet

World Cup Wang Hao-Jun Mizutani

World Cup Zhang Jike Joo Se Hyuk

2011 Mens World Cup (ms-f) WANG Hao - ZHANG Jike [Full Match|Short Form]

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pongcast TV Episode 03 - 2011 World Team Cup

It's episode three of Pongcast TV!  We cover the 2011 World Team Cup, and include segments on comedy & table tennis, as well as video diaries by two top players as they work towards making their respective Olympic teams.

Show notes:

Here's the music used, starting with a famous stadium song, a humorous reference (whom Bobrow did charity work with as well) and then songs with titles that related to teamwork ;)

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (instrumental)
Go! Team - Huddle Formation
Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Deadmaus5 Remix)
Logistics - Together

And here's all the original video clips:

Excessive Ping Pong Celebration Without Music (Adam Bobrow)
Excessive Ping Pong Celebration (Adam Bobrow)

The Office Intro Season 2

Heroes of Dwight K. Shrute

Third Ball Attack []

Japanese Crazy Table Tennnis Stuff !!! (HD)

BP Reloaded 2011 - Episode 9

2012 Olympics - Williams Journey 1

WTTTC-2010. Final. 30 May. Women SINGAPORE vs CHINA Feng vs Liu

Ma Long vs Alexei Smirnov[World Team Cup 2011]

Kirill Skachkov-Ma Lin [World Team Cup]

2011 World Team Cup [CHN-GER] (m1) XU Xin - BAUM Patrick [Full Match|Short Form]

World Team Cup 2011 Dimitrij Ovtcharov-Wang Hao

World Team Cup: Wang Hao - Dimitrij Ovtcharov

Xu Xin vs Bastian Steger[World Team Cup 2011]

2011 World Team Cup [CHN-GER] (m4) XU Xin - STEGER Bastian [Full Match]

World Team Cup Joo Se Hyuk-Kenta Matsudaira

World Team Cup Oh Sang Eun-Kaii Yoshida

World Team Cup Koki Niwa Kenta Matsudaira-Oh Sang Eun Ryu Seung Min

World Team Cup Ryu Seung Min-Kaii Yoshida

World Team Cup Ma Long-Ryu Seung Min

World Team Cup Xu Xin-Kim Min Seok

World Team Cup Wang Hao Ma Long-Oh Sang Eun Kim Min Seok

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pongcast TV Episode 02 - Extra!

I took the week off, but here's a Pongcast TV Extra mini-episode to hold you over until next week.  This time it's highlights from rising French junior Quentin Robinot's stunning upset victory over Chinese star Ma Lin!  I've also tried a different presentation of the match highlights so please let me know if you think it's any better or worse (or the same).  Stay tuned next week when we cover the World Cup team championships!

Show Notes:

Music used:
KISS - Detroit Rock City
Swedish House Mafia - One (Netsky Remix)

The Power of Side Spin(NEW)

Fierce ping pong competition erupts outside Red Wings locker room
Open de Suède Quentin Robinot - Ma Lin 1ère partie
Open de Suède Quentin Robinot - Ma Lin 2ème partie