Friday, April 12, 2013

Pongcast TV Episode 25 - 2013 Korean Open

The final event before the 2013 World Championships!  Players are trying to peak, and this could be a good indicator of who are the odds on favorites to take the title.  Great highlights and variety at the Korean Open, plus we discuss the US making an appearance and China teaming up with other players in the doubles events.  We also check in on a famous comedian and British royalty getting in on the table tennis action!

Utah Jazz - Skyward Bound
Noisia - Split the Atom
Blu Mar Ten - Close (VIP Mix)
Teagan & Sara - Closer


Boris Johnson accepts Pippa Middleton's ping pong challenge

Bring it on! Boris agree to play ping pong with Pippa

Ariel Hsing Vs Marina Matsuzawa: U21 Girls Round 1 [Korea Open 2013]

Hyundeok/Jike Vs Mattenet/Xin: 1/2 Final [Korean Open 2013]

Zhang Jike/Seo Hyundeok vs Ma Long/Lee Jung Woo (Korea Open 2013) Final

Wang Hao vs Adrien Mattenet (Korea Open 2013) 1/8 Final

Ma Long Vs Ryu Seung Min: 1/4 Final [Korean Open 2013]

Xu Xin vs Jun Mizutani (Korea Open 2013) 1/4 Final

Table Tennis - Korea Open 2013 - Yan An Vs Xu Xin - (SF)

Ma Long Vs Wang Hao: 1/2 Final [Korea Open 2013]

Table Tennis - Korea Open 2013 (FINAL) - Ma Long Vs Xu Xin -


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