Friday, March 23, 2012

Pongcast TV Episode 12 - 2011/12 European Champions League

We return for the 2nd leg of the 2011/12 European Champions League semifinals to finally decide who moves on to the championship match!  Also, Dora Kurimay's new book on improving your mental game targeted towards table tennis players, President Obama's table tennis gift, and Susan Sarandon's plan for a table tennis movie!


Me ;)  Old stuff...


Pär Gerell-Dimitrij Ovtcharov [Champions League]

Gao Ning-Vladimir Samsonov [Champions League 2012]

Alexei Smirnov-Robert Gardos [Championsleague 2012]

Dimitrij Ovtcharov-Gao Ning [European Championsleague 2012]

Vladimir Samsonov-Par Gerell [Champions League 2012]

Joao Monteiro vs Hou Yingchao[ECL 20112012]

Bojan Tokic vs Alexander Shibaev[ECL 20112012]

Michael Maze vs Bastian Steger[ECL 20112012]


Par has really mastered the art of tossing to hide with his body. Bravo on not being called by the umpire for those blatantly illegal serves!

Yes, unfortunately a lot of pros still serve illegally. The rule is basically non-existant.

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