Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pongcast TV Episode 9 - 2012 Slovenian Open

The second ITTF Tour event of the year is the Slovenian Open.  Some unexpected players from under represented countries make it deep into the draw, the world champion attempts to make a comeback, and Ma Long tries to make history by winning the most consecutive events in the world with a sixth win here!


Force of Nature - Sneak Chamber
Jragon One - Conversations on the Dance Floor
Brookes Brothers - Hard Knocks
Matrix & Futurebound - Sand Storm
LTJ Bukem - Orchestral Jam


Celebs Ping-Pong for a Cause


Kunal Nayyar on The Talk about TT on the set of the Big Bang Theory

US Open 2010 Kamal Sharath Achanta-Thomas Keinath

Amalraj at Hungarian Pro Tour

2012 Slovenian Open (ms-R32) GAUZY Simon - ZHANG Jike [Last three sets|Short Form]

Bojan Tokic-Ma Long [Slovenia 2012]

Slovenian Open 2012 Ma Long-Wang Eugene

Slovenian Open 2012 Ma Lin-Wang Hao

2012 Slovenian Open (ms-qf) XU Xin - JOO Se Hyuk [Full Match|Short Form]

Zhang Jike vs Mihai Bobocica[Slovenia Open 2012]

Slovenian Open 2012 Ma Long-Ma Lin

Slovenian Open 2012 Zhang Jike-Xu Xin

Slovenian Open 2012 Zhang Jike-Ma Long


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