Friday, October 28, 2011

Pongcast TV Episode 02 - 2011 Swedish Open

It's the 2nd episode of Pongcast TV!  We cover the Swedish Open, as well as some news on celebrities who are avid table tennis players and extravagant tables just in time for the holidays!  I'm still experimenting with the format.  Hopefully the audio overall is a little better this time around, but it ran a lot longer than I would have liked.  Enjoy the show and please let me know your thoughts!

Show Notes:

I used all Swedish artists' music in honor of the Swedish Open, here's the tracklisting in case you're interested:

Koop - Summer Sun
Peter, Bjorn, & John - Young Folks
The Hives - Told You So
Eric Prydz - Call On me (Eric Prydz vs Retarded Funk Mix)
Swedish House Mafia - One (Netsky Remix)

Listed below are links to all the videos used in the show, where you can watch them in their entirety.  You can also watch the show on the original YouTube page where you can expand it to full screen, 
leave a comment, and more at Pongcast TV Episode 2 on YouTube.

Tom Burr's $45k table @ Neiman Marcus

Seven Year old Chinese Table Tennis Prodigy Xin-Xue Feng on Ellen (22-11-09)

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Trains Penny

Kaley Cuoco on Pix II playing ping-pong with John Muller.avi

Entourage Season 7 - Ping Pong Training w Kevin Dillon John Stamos (HBO)

Frank TV promos - Frank Caliendos TV show - Starts Nov 20
2011 US Open - Table Tennis - Milwaukee
Comedian Frank Caliendo plays Table Tennis Ping Pong

Judah Friedlander
The Egos Ping Pong Tournament at SPiN NYC
30 Rock - Gay For Jamie

Xi Enting - Kjell Johansson, Part 1 1973
Xi Enting - Kjell Johansson, Part 2 1973
Xi Enting - Kjell Johansson, Part 3 1973

SOC 2011 Jörgen Persson.m2t

Simon Gauzy vs Jung Hwa Seo[Swedish Open 2011]

Wang Liqin vs Kenji Matsudaira[Swedish Open 2011]

Kirill Skachkov vs Simon Gauzy[Swedish Open 2011]

Swedish Open 2011 Wang Hao-Yan An

Wang Hao vs Jun Mizutani[Swedish Open 2011]

Ma Long vs Seiya Kishikawa[Swedish Open 2011]

Wang Liqin-Wang Hao [Sweden 2011]

Swedish Open 2011 Ma Long-Wang Hao


Another fabulous episode! Great music and the sound has improved. Most people probably do not mind, but the voice audio is distorted and there is some low background noise. if you want to make the sound professional quality. Try using your camera or camcorder to record sound. Even better, hook up a pro mic to your camera or camcorder if you have the inputs.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, the voice over quality is really distracting, I'm going shopping for mics again this weekend. And thanks for the kind comments and encouragement!

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